Warranty Information

It is the consumer’s responsibility to check all boxes to confirm that all components are included and in the correct condition before assembly. Consumers should carefully follow the installation guide provided with their product.

All Goliath products are sold with a manufacturer warranty, which assures that the item is free of defects in workmanship and materials. The Warranty covers manufacturing defects only.

Damage due to incorrect assembly is not covered by Goliath warranty.

Subject to the conditions and limitations described below, this product, if returned to us with proof of purchase within the stated warranty period and if covered under this warranty, will be repaired or replaced (with the same model, or one of equal value or specification), at our discretion. We will bear the cost of any repair or replacement and any costs of labour relating thereto.

These warranties are subject to the following conditions and limitations:

  1. A bill of sale or receipt verifying the purchase and purchase date must be provided;
  2. This warranty will not apply to any product or part thereof that is worn or broken or that has become inoperative due to abuse, misuse, accidental damage, neglect or lack of proper installation, operation or maintenance (as outlined in the applicable owner’s manual or operating instructions) or that is being used for industrial, professional, commercial or rental purposes;
  3. This warranty will not apply to normal wear and tear or to expendable parts or accessories that may be supplied with the product and that are expected to become inoperative or unusable after a reasonable period of use;
  4. This warranty will not apply to routine maintenance and consumable items such as, but not limited to, fuel, lubricants, vacuum bags, blades, belts, sandpaper, bits, fluids, tune-ups or adjustments;
  5. This warranty will not apply where damage is caused by repairs made or attempted by others (i.e., persons not authorized by the manufacturer);
  6. This warranty will not apply to any product that was sold to the original purchaser as a reconditioned or refurbished product (unless otherwise specified in writing);
  7. This warranty will not apply to any product or part thereof if any part from another manufacturer is installed therein or any repairs or alterations have been made or attempted by unauthorized persons;
  8. This warranty will not apply to normal deterioration of the exterior finish, such as, but not limited to, scratches, dents, paint chips, or to any corrosion or discolouring by heat, abrasive and chemical cleaners; and
  9. This warranty will not apply to component parts sold by and identified as the product of another company, which shall be covered under the product manufacturer’s warranty, if any.

Additional Limitations

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and may not be transferred. Neither the retailer nor the manufacturer shall be liable for any other expense, loss or damage, including, without limitation, any indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages arising in connection with the sale, use or inability to use this product.

Warranty Periods

Warranty periods will commence from the item’s original purchase date.

Warranty periods do not reset, and nor can they be extended, for any reason after purchase. This includes cases of full or partial replacement during the life of a product.

This warranty is for appropriate and domestic use under normal conditions, and it applies to all Goliath Trampolines:

  • If the consumer purchases a completely new product, that particular item will be covered by its own warranty period.
  • If the consumer replaces under warranty any part or complete product, this does not affect the warranty period of the purchased product nor replacement.

All Goliath Trampoline Models

  • Lifetime Warranty to the galvanised frame and poles
  • 60 months (5 years) to the Jump Mat (excluding the print on all Jump Mats)
  • 24 months (2 years) to the Safety Pads (excluding the print on all Safety Pads)
  • 12 months (1 year) to all other parts of a purchased trampoline – e.g. Enclosure Net (Weave & Zip) and Springs

If a product is damaged or rendered unsafe as a result of its design specifications during production, this constitutes a manufacturing fault or defect which will be honoured under this warranty.

Exclusions Damages

  • Damage through wear and tear

This warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear of the product. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Rusting of steel components,
  • UV deterioration of textile components,
  • Stretching of springs,
  • Holes in the Jump Mat (larger than 5mm)

Trampolines will experience wear and tear over time after a certain period of use.

  • Damage through weather conditions

Damage to the product that results from weather events – such as rain, wind or sun – are not covered under warranty.

  • Damage through improper installation

This warranty does not extend to any failure of the product caused by improper installation not in accordance with the Goliath Instruction Guide. Consumers must assemble their Goliath product by following carefully the Installation section of their Instruction Guide.

Furthermore, the warranty does not cover installation provided by any third-party assembly service.

  • Damage through insufficient care or maintenance

This warranty does not extend to decay of the product caused by poor care or lack of maintenance. It is essential that consumers regularly check, and follow the advice of, the maintenance section of their Goliath Instruction Guide to ensure that their product will remain applicable for a possible warranty claim and last as long as possible.

  • Damage through inappropriate use

This warranty will be void if the product is used for any other activity besides those for which it was intended. Goliath products constitute recreational trampolines for domestic use only. Goliath trampolines are not intended or designed for high-level acrobatic activity.

Any evidence that inappropriate actions that have led to product failure will not be covered by the warranty. Simultaneously, replacement parts or repairs needed to mend such damage will not be covered under the warranty.

  • Liability for Personal Injury

The warranty does not cover personal injury or losses due to any of the above, nor does it cover damage due to negligence or accidents.

Goliath will not be liable to the consumer, their dependents or legal representatives for damage to property, personal injury or death suffered by the consumer and or other third party using the Goliath product.

Warranty Claims

If a consumer believes that a Goliath product is faulty or defective, they must discontinue to use the product and submit a Warranty Claim.

A consumer must not attempt to use a product if any part is faulty or defective, as it may be dangerous. Any damage that the user causes as a result of using faulty or defective products will lead to the voiding of the warranty.

  • Making a Warranty Claim

To fulfill a warranty claim, a consumer must submit an online Warranty Claim at the website. For the avoidance of any doubt, warranty only is valid within Australia.

Submitting the online Warranty Claim form requires the consumer to provide:

  • Details of their purchase – including a copy of a receipt,
  • Batch number,
  • Clear photographic evidence of the manufacturing fault or defect (at least three from different angles).

It is the consumers’ sole responsibility to provide the information. If the consumer does not provide all details that the form requires, their Warranty Claim will not be assessed, and the consumer will not be notified of such non-assessment.

Goliath may take up to 30 days to process Warranty Claims upon a completed submission. It may take a further 15 days for replacement parts to reach the consumer.

  • Successful Warranty Claims

If Goliath accepts a consumer’s Warranty Claim, Goliath will replace the faulty or defective parts, not offer refunds.

For Warranty Claims lodged within 30 days of the purchase date Goliath will replace the damaged parts free of charge. Goliath will also cover any costs associated with shipping the replacement parts.


In all instances of successful warranty claims, Goliath offers replacements parts only. Refunds (credit note for the purchase amount) will only be facilitated by authorised Goliath Outdoor retailers and stockists.

Australian Consumer Law

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the Goods repaired or replaced if the Goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

For more information on your rights as a consumer, please visit www.consumerlaw.gov.au or contact your state or territory fair trading department.

Missing Parts

If a consumer believes that a Goliath product does not include all necessary parts, they must contact us immediately on 1800 224 278 or info@goliath-outdoor.com

A consumer must not attempt to use a product if any part is incomplete, as it may be dangerous. Any damage that the user causes as a result of using incomplete or improper installed products will lead to the immediate voiding of the warranty.

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